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    Thanks for your interest in becoming a ParkLet Affiliate! We have created a program which will allow you to make unlimited money by linking through to our site.

    We are the UK’s number one agent specialising in parking spaces and garages. We let more spaces than any other agent, and as an affiliate you can share in this revenue.


    • Sign up bonus – We will give you £10 just for signing up to the ParkLet Affiliate program!
    • Large commission – Earn up to £20 for every contract we put on our books.
    • Instant activation – Sign up now, and you could start earning instantly.
    • No limits – There are no limits to how many visitors you can send, or how much each visitor can earn you.
    • Real time reports – With real-time instant tracking and reporting, you can see exactly how many of your visitors have signed up, and how much money you've earnt.
    • Flexible payments – Request payment at any time and will do a direct transfer into your bank account, or via PayPal!
    • Hassle free – Add value to your site without the hassle, we handle processing, tracking, payments, and everything else!

    Sign up now, and start earning straight away.

  • How it Works

    Once you sign up you can choose whether to add a banner or text link to your site. This link will contain your unique ID, and every click will be automatically tracked. If someone signs up after cliking your link, that user will be tied to your affiliate account for 3 months.

    How Much Do I Earn?

    You get your first £10 just for signing up!

    Then for every user tied to your affiliate account who rents or lets a space, you earn £10. This means you can earn £20 for every space we let, as both the landlord and tenant could be tied to your account. Also, there are no limits, so if you send us a landlord that adds 100 spaces, you could be earning £1000 from one click! This does happen, as there are already plenty of property developers, and car park owners with a 100 spaces plus on our books!

    How Do I Get Paid?

    You can track all users and conversions in real time. At any time your account is over £20 just request payment, and we will transfer direct to your bank, or PayPal account.

    How Do I Promote ParkLet?

    Once signed up you will be able to access you affiliate account in the My ParkLet area. Here you can choose from the banners or links available. Just cut and paste the HTML and you're setup! For bespoke promotions, email us and we'll work with you to design something special for your site.

    Sign up now, and start earning straight away.

  • Banners and Links

    You can link through to ParkLet with banners, or text links. We even provide the HTML for you to cut and paste. You can choose from our stock banners or use your own image. If you can't find something suitable please contact us and we'll help create something special.

    Example Banner

    ParkLet Banner

    Sign up now, and start earning straight away.

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