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£2,300 /MTH
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Address Ingram House, John Adam Street, London, Kent, WC2N 6LU

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£2,300 / month

Available From 18-01-2018

Clean and spacious' Garage/Storage Space ' for rent. Very Secure and well insulated. Roller shutter door. Fob key. Scissor lift front zone (width:2430 mm, length 5300 mm) Back, platform zone. Can accomodate 2 big cars. Storage down the stairs at the rear and runs under the whole floor plate of the garage. The front area under the scissor lift is about 3-4ft high, suitable a storage too. Power sockets provided. Exellent internal lightning. Available Immediately. 3 months minimum contract.

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Space Type Garage

Landlord Type Residential

Contract Type Monthly Inc. Weekends

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